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CR Li-MnO2 Cylindrical Battery

Li-MnO2 (Lithium Manganese Dioxide) Primary Battery has a long shelf life. as one of the most professional lithium manganese dioxide battery suppliers, we provide Li-MnO2 Primary Battery with the following features:

  • At room temperature (23 °C ± 2 °C), the annual self-discharge rate of the Lithium MnO2 Battery shall not exceed 2%.

  • High capacity, stable performance, stable discharge voltage, and no voltage lag phenomenon of Li-MnO2 battery.

  • Adopt a fully sealed structure to greatly reduce the leakage rate of the Li-MnO2 Primary Battery.

  • The lithium manganese dioxide battery has good safety performance, high reliability, no pollution and is a green power supply.

  • Two different structures can be made, namely the power type and the success type, to meet the different requirements of use.

Lithium Manganese Dioxide Primary Lithium Battery For Sale


Lithium Cylindrical Cells FAQs

Q How about the storage environment of the lithium manganese oxide battery?


The lithium manganese oxide battery should be stored in dry environment.

Q What are you careful with if there are children beside when you use the lithium magnesium dioxide battery?


Keep the manganese dioxide primary lithium battery out of the children. If swallowed, please contact a physician at once.

Q What should you do if the children swallow the lithium cylindrical cells?


Keep cylindrical lithium battery out of the children. If swallowed, please contact a physician at once.

Q What the danger is if the Li-MnO2 Primary Battery is closed to the fire?


Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery are going to be hot in a very short time and it will lead to the leakage of gas and toxic materials which may cause a big rupture.

Q If the positive and negative polarity of a lithium mno2 battery is directly connected, what will happen?


The lithium mno2 battery can't be short circuit. If positive and negative polarity of a battery is directly connected, this may cause a short circuit and this may lead to toxic materials or gas leakage and/or violent rupture.

Q When the lithium manganese oxide battery is changed, what should you pay attention to?


The lithium manganese oxide battery of different electrochemical system, grades, or brands can’t be mixed because it would lead toxic material or gas leakage and/or a big rupture.

Q What should be followed during the manganese dioxide primary lithium battery disposal?


Manganese dioxide primary lithium battery disposal method should be in accordance with local and state regulations.

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