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UPC1550 Ultra Pulse Capacitors

The UPC is parallel connected with a battery or several batteries to eliminate voltage delay and to increase the pulse current capability.

Low leak current 1~15μA, High Pulse Capability Up to 5A pulse.

Wide Operating Temperature Range, High Reliability.

Features of UPC1550 Ultra Pulse Capacitors

  • Hermetically Sealed (Glass-to-metal)

  • Low Leak Current

  • Long Shelf Life

  • High Reliability

  • Safe Design

  • Wide Operating Temperature(-40℃ to 60℃)

Specification of UPC1550 Ultra Pulse Capacitors

Electrical characteristics(23±2°C)Capacity at 3.67V560As
Cut-off Voltage2.5V
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current2.0A
Maximum Pulse Discharge Current(1s)5.0A
Maximum Charge Voltage3.95V
Maximum Charge Current100mA
Internal Resistance(1kHz@RT)≤100mΩ
Leakage Current@RT3uA
Leakage Current@80°C15uA
Physical characteristicsDiameter(max)15.10mm
Typical weight21.50g

Drawing of UPC1550 Ultra Pulse Capacitors

UPC1550 Ultra Pulse Capacitors

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