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HCB Battery Co., Ltd.
HCB Battery Co., Ltd.

HCB103450 Lithium-ion Pouch Cell


● Highly Flexible and Customizable (size and model can be  customized, square ultra-thin  structure, maximizing the use  of battery compartment) 

● Better Safety (soft aluminum  plastic film shell, safer than ordinary steel and aluminum  shell batteries) 

● Higher Capacity (compared  with steel and aluminum prismatic batteries of the same  size, the capacity can be increased by 5%~15%)

● Light Weight, High Specific  Energy (mass specific energy  can reach 250W/kg)

Features of HCB103450 Li-ion Pouch Cell

  • Highly Flexible and Customizable

  • Better Safety

  • Higher Capacity

  • Light Weight

  • High Specific  Energy


  • Smart Wearable Devices

  • GPS Tracker

  • Portable Power Bank

  • Portable Medical Devices

  • Electric Two Wheeler

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