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CR17450H Semi-sealed Lithium Manganese Dioxide Cylindrical Battery

High Energy No Passivation Lithium Manganese Dioxide Cylindrical Battery, CR17450 Semi-sealed Lithium Battery, high energy density battery, 2400mAh 3.0V 4/5A, non-rechargeable lithium battery CR17450 3V for security alarms, Utility Metering.

CR17450 Lithium Battery Details

Product Details of CR17450 Li-MnO2 Cylindrical Battery

Place of OriginChina
Brand NameHCB
Model NumberCR17450

Payment & Shipping Terms Details of CR17450 Li-MnO2 Cylindrical Battery

Minimum Order Quantity1K pcs
Pricecontact with HCB battery
Packaging DetailsSpecial design for Air/Sea/Courier transportation
Delivery Time≤35days
Payment TermsT/T, L/C, PayPal
Supply Abilitytwo million units per month

CR17450 3V Lithium Battery Advantages

  • High voltage response, stable during most of the lifetime of the application.

  • The energy density of CR17450 3V battery up to 830Wh/L.

  • Wide operating temperature range (-40℃~+85℃) for CR17450 3V battery.

  • Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% per year after 1 year of storage at +25℃).

  • Maintenance Freedom. As one of the primary lithium battery suppliers, Our Lithium Battery CR17450 3V do not require any maintenance during use. Electrolyte levels were calibrated during plant production.

  • Puncture Resistant Case. The shell of the CR17450 Battery is designed to protect the internal components from sharp objects, adding durability in transport and use.

  • Corrosion Resistance. The terminal and the shell are rust-resistant, so you don't lose power from the wrong connection, even in wet conditions.

Lithium Battery CR17450 3V Specifications

Electrical characteristicsOpen circuit voltage (at 25°C)≥3.10V
Nominal capacity2400mAh
(At +25°C, the battery is discharged at a continuous current 5mA until the voltage reaches cut-off voltage 2.0V. The capacity can vary at different temperature, discharge current or cut-off voltage.)
Maximum continuous current1500mA
(At +25°C, 2.0V cut-off, battery discharged for minimum 50% of rated capacity.)
Maximum pulse discharge current3000mA
(At +25°C, 2.0V cut-off, battery discharged for minimum 50% of rated capacity with max pulse for 3 seconds after 27 seconds break. The discharged capacity may vary according to the pulse characteristics, the temperature, and the cell’s previous history. Fitting the cell with a capacitor may be recommended in severe conditions, consult HCB. )
Storage (recommended)≤+30°C
(For more severe conditions, consult HCB)≤75%RH
Operating temperature range-40°C~+85°C
(Operation above ambient temperature may lead to reduced
capacity and lower voltage readings at the beginning of pulses, consult HCB.)
Physical characteristicsWidth16.6±0.2mm
Typical weight26.0g
Li metal content0.82g

CR17450 Battery Replacement

CR17450 Battery related products: The CR17450 lithium batteries are very durable. The high-quality lithium-ion battery that ensures the battery is in the right capacity. Suitable for battery-type replacement and maintenance of lithium batteries. Products using advanced technology, the battery is more stable and reliable. At the same time, the product uses lithium battery CR17450 3V protection plate, suitable for most micro-batteries. Smart water meters are suitable for mistreatment equipment, such as air compressors, air pumps, etc. Available as solar energy, lithium batteries, power sources and various types of microcontrollers. Can be used in micro-power supply, lithium batteries, digital cameras, etc. Suitable for industrial control, battery pack, etc.

CR17450 3V Battery Drawing


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