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HCB Battery Co., Ltd.
HCB Battery Co., Ltd.

HCB103040 Lithium-ion Pouch Cell


Highly Flexible and Customizable (size and model can be  customized, square ultra-thin  structure, maximizing the use  of battery compartment) 

Better Safety (soft aluminum  plastic film shell, safer than ordinary steel and aluminum  shell batteries) 

Higher Capacity (compared  with steel and aluminum prismatic batteries of the same  size, the capacity can be increased by 5%~15%)

Light Weight, High Specific  Energy (mass specific energy  can reach 250W/kg)

Features of HCB103040 Li-ion Pouch Cell

  • Highly Flexible and Customizable

  • Better Safety

  • Higher Capacity

  • Light Weight

  • High Specific  Energy


  • Smart Wearable Devices

  • GPS Tracker

  • Portable Power Bank

  • Portable Medical Devices

  • Electric Two Wheeler

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