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CP505050 Lithium Pouch Cell

 Non-Rechargeable 3V 3000mAh CP505050 Lithium Pouch Cell For ETC RFID, Alarm Systems.

Details of CP505050 Lithium Pouch Cell

Product Details of CP505050 Lithium Pouch Cell

Place of OriginChina
Brand NameHCB
Model NumberCP505050

Payment & Shipping Terms Details of CP505050 Lithium Pouch Cell

Minimum Order Quantity1K pcs
Packaging DetailsSpecial design for Air/Sea/Courier transportation
Delivery Time35 workdays
Payment TermsT/T, L/C
Supply Abilitytwo million units per month

Advantage of CP505050 Lithium Pouch Cell

  • High voltage response, stable during most of the  lifetime of the application

  • Energy density up to 830Wh/L

  • Wide operating temperature range (-40℃~+70℃)

  • Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% per year  after 1 year of storage at +25℃)

Specification of CP505050 Lithium Pouch Cell

Electrical characteristicsOpen circuit voltage (at 23±2°C)≥3.10V
Nominal capacity3000mAh
(At +25°C, the battery is discharged at a continuous current of 10mA until the voltage reaches cut-off voltage 2.0V. The capacity can vary at a different temperature, discharge current or cut-off voltage.)
Maximum continuous current1500mA
(At +25°C, 2.0V cut-off, battery discharged for minimum 50% of rated capacity.)
Maximum pulse discharge current2000mA
(At +25°C, 2.0V cut-off, battery discharged for minimum 50% of rated capacity with max pulse for 3 seconds after 27 seconds break. The discharged capacity may vary according to the pulse characteristics, the temperature, and the cell’s previous history. Fitting the cell with a capacitor may be recommended in severe conditions, consult HCB. )
Storage (recommended)≤+30°C
(For more severe conditions, consult HCB)≤75%RH
Operating temperature range-40°C~+70°C
(Operation above ambient Temperature may lead to reduced capacity and lower voltage readings at the beginning of pulses,consult HCB.)
Physical characteristicsWidth48.0±1.0mm
Typical weight23.0g
Li metal content1.12g

Use WARNING of CP505050 Lithium Pouch Cell

  • This CP505050 lithium pouch battery is a non-rechargeable battery.


  • Do not use if the battery casing is damaged.

  • Please discharge the battery for a few minutes with 100mA.

  • Don't use different models of battery in series.

  • This is not a high drain battery, please don't use it for any applications with discharging current > 200 mA!

  • The storage area should be clean, cool (not exceeding +30 Deg C), dry and ventilated.

Drawing of CP505050 Lithium Pouch Cell

CP505050 Lithium Pouch Cell

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