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HCB Battery Co., Ltd.

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About HCB Batteries

HCB Battery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. As a leading primary lithium battery manufacturer and solution provider in China, HCB remains dedicated to leading the R&D and manufacturing of various types of primary lithium batteries.

With every improvement that is made, HCB continues to pursue perfection. Technological development & innovation are of great importance to HCB. We have been focusing on providing reliable primary lithium battery & services to the customers worldwide for more than 17 years.

Company Culture

Enterprise Mission:

The World Will See China Through HCB

Corporate Vision:

Create an incentive working atmosphere to provide opportunities for employees' development and growth;

Continuously improve the working environment of employees and continuously increase their income levels;

Enhance value with quality, and be a respectable enterprise in the region and industry.

Corporate Philosophy:

Treat people with sincerity, adhere to credibility, seek truth from facts, lean and perfect

Product Concept:

Satisfy customers and achieve yourself.

Environmental Protection Concept:

Like you, we also hope to be worthy of our children.

Service Concept:

Cherish what you ask, as if you did it yourself

Honor Certificates

As a company seeking perfection continuously, we have strict requirements for management. The company has been awarded with OHSMS18000, ISO9001 international quality management system certificate and ISO14000 environmental management system certification. At the same time, as a company present in the extensive international market, HaoCheng has also received the CE product safety certification in EU to ensure the safety of our products exported to EU. Besides, HaoCheng has also been awarded with RoHS environmental certification in EU. Our products have passed the test for hazardous substances, thus proving the environmental features of the products. Meanwhile, because the international market has very critical requirements for shipping, we have been awarded with the UN safe shipping certification of US. Besides, our products have also received the UL American products access certification, which is necessary for all products to enter markets in developed nations such as US.

Company Honor

In 2019, Wuhan Enterprises with Thousands of Employees Will Be Awarded
Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Wuhan in 2019
2014 Hubei University Graduate Workstation
2019 Hidden Champion Cultivation Enterprise in Hubei Province
High Tech Enterprises in 2020
2017 Wuhan Enterprise Research and Development Center
Wuhan Private Innovation Enterprise Top 100 in 2017
2017 China Metrology Association Thermal Energy Meter Working Committee Member Unit
2010 Advanced Tax Unit
In 2017, Wuhan Was an Advanced Enterprise Implementing Outstanding Performance Model
2016 Famous Trademark of Hubei Province
2009 Fast Growing Companies
2016 Safety Production Standard Level 3 Enterprise Certificate
Advanced Unit of Science and Technology Innovation in 2009
Membership Certificate of China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association in 2017
2017 District Governor's Quality Award Trophy
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Company Patent

The Utility Model Relates to an Improved Power Lithium Manganese Battery
Invention Patent, a Thin Lithium Manganese Flexible Packaging Battery Pack and Its Making Method
Invention Patent, Special Annular Lithium Manganese Battery for External Tire Pressure Monitoring
Invention Patent, High Capacity Cylindrical Lithium Manganese Battery Structure and Its Preparation
Practical Tetrafluoro Sheet Mounting Device for Battery Cover
Practical Self Unloading Tetrafluoro Sheet Mounting Device for Battery Cover
Practical Three Phase Electric Energy Meter Battery Structure with High Safety
Practical Large Capacity Lithium Manganese Flexible Packaging Battery Structure
Cover Assembly Structure of Practical Lithium Sub Battery
Waterproof Structure of Practical Battery
Practical, D type Shockproof Lithium Manganese Battery
Practical, Lithium Manganese Flexible Packaging Battery Airbag Structure
Practical, Non Rotating Lithium Battery False Cap Structure Design
Practical Annular Lithium Manganese Battery for External Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Practical, Disposable Lithium Manganese Battery Emergency Battery Pack Structure
Practical Lithium Manganese Cylindrical Flexible Packaging Battery Structure
Practical, Flexible Packaging Lithium Manganese Primary Square Battery Structure
Practical High Capacity 9v Lithium Manganese Flexible Packaging Combined Battery Structure