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Primary Lithium Batteries for Security

HCB batteries' structure design high reliability, low internal resistance, designed for 10 years of smoke detectors, It also can be used in video surveillance, anti-theft, access control system and etc.

With the development of information technologies, such as the Internet of Things, and cloud computing, smart firefighting has emerged, and smart smoke alarms are an important part of the system. Smart fire protection solutions use wireless sensing, radio frequency identification, video surveillance, cloud computing, big data, and other technologies to monitor various fire protection facilities online, and transmit the monitored data to the cloud platform and business management platform in real time. Monitoring, statistics, analysis and information sharing of collected data.

HCB is committed to providing safer smart security battery solutions. Through long-term research on NB-IoT, LoRa and other application modes, it has launched a Li-socl2 or LiMnO2 battery solution suitable for smart security products.

The lithium primary battery is one of the important parts of the independent smoke detector.

Intelligent independent smoke detector: traditional household independent photoelectric smoke and fire detection alarms only have the function of sounding an alarm when the smoke generated during a fire is detected, while the smoke detector with a built-in NB-IoT module can realize remote gateway access. Real-time monitoring of equipment, timely reporting of police information, and multi-party joint supervision, etc., greatly improve fire prevention efficiency and avoid major property losses. Commonly used are lithium manganese CR123A, CR14250, CR17450 lithium battery and lithium sub-power battery ER18505M (or lithium sub-energy battery combined with super capacitor UPC1520) and other two common methods at present, one is through the smart fire hydrant inside the cover Sensing and communication equipment provides instant feedback of abnormal information such as being knocked down and destroyed to the fire fighting platform. This program ER34615M battery combination is more common as a power supply program. The other is to install a sensor terminal around the conventional fire hydrant, and report the monitored abnormal pressure value to the cloud platform in real time through the NB-IoT module. The sensor terminal is usually used with ER26500 or ER34615 with super capacitor UPC1520.

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