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HCB Battery Co., Ltd.
HCB Battery Co., Ltd.


  • Q What are HCB batteries?

    HCB Battery is a leading lithium battery manufacturer from Wuhan, China. It was founded in 2004 and it is a high-tech enterprise, focusing on the innovative development of lithium batteries. After nearly 17 years of hard work, the company's primary lithium batteries sold worldwide.

  • Q What are the product series of HCB batteries?
    • Li-SOCl2 Cylindrical Batteries

    • Li-MnO2 Cylindrical Batteries

    • Lithium Pouch Cell

    • Ultra Pulse Capacitors

    • Li-MnO2 button cell

  • Q What is your company's advantage?
    • Unique combination of Chinese and foreign R&D team

    • Unique advanced cathode manufacturing process

    • Unique coating technology for Li-MnO2 battery

    • Good performance with high current discharge

    • Automatic electrolyte preparation process for Li-SOCl2 battery

    • Inventor of lithium Li-MnO2 pouch cell

    • Independent dehumidification system

    • World-class SC (super capacity) series battery

    • High automation level of lithium thionyl chloride battery

  • Q What certifications does your company have?
    • Quality management system of HCB is conformity with GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 standard;

    • HCB Environment Management System meets the standard GB/T24001-2004/ISO14001:2004;

    • The battery can pass drop test if you need;

    • The battery has passed the IEC;

    • Report for safe transport of goods can be provided with you if needed;

    • We can provide you with the CE certificate if you need;

    • Rohs Standard is workable for HCB Battery;

    • UL Standard is workable for HCB Battery.

  • Q What are the manufacturing advantages of HCB?
    • The technology in HCB is advanced and automatic;

    • The cathode manufacturing process in HCB is advanced and unique;

    • The main solutions are high power, high capacity(hermetic & semi sealing). Low temperature etc;

    • Combing suggestions and multiple cascade and parallel connecting ways are workable for HCB;

    • The products can be stored for 10 years which is very reliable.

  • Q Is it ok to continue to use the battery when the abnormal heat release or leakage occurs?

    When the abnormal heat release or leakage occurs, the battery is not able to be continued to use.

  • Q What is the first step when you would like to use our battery?

    The manual should be read before the battery is used.

  • Q What are you careful with if there are children beside when you use the battery?

    The battery should be kept out of the children firstly. If swallowed by children, please contact a physician at once.

  • Q What is the effect of the signs + and - on the battery?

    You need to follow the signs + and - on the batteries and make sure not to reverse. If batteries are wrongly used, they will be hot very fast and can lead the gas and other toxic materials leakage.

  • Q If the batteries are closed to the fire, what may happen?

    They are going to be hot in very short time and it will lead the leakage of gas and toxic materials which may cause a big rupture.

  • Q If the positive and negative polarity of a battery is directly connected, what will happen?

    If + and - polarity of battery is connected directly, it causes a short circuit and this may lead toxic gas and materials leakage or a big rupture.

  • Q If the batteries are soldered directly, what will happen?

    The batteries can not be soldered directly. If they are directly soldered, it will cause short circuit and a gas and toxic material leakage or big rupture.

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