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UPC Ultra Pulse Capacitor

HCB has a fully automatic production line with an annual output of 15 million fully sealed cylindrical ultra pulse capacitors and a clean dehumidification production workshop with the most stringent standards in the industry. Relying on a great R&D team and leading product design and manufacturing technology, Provide customers with ultra pulse capacitors with long life, ultra-low self-discharge, high pulse power, and wide temperature range applications.

Types of Ultra Pulse Capacitors

Ultra Pulse Capacitors Working Principles

Ultracapacitors do not contain dielectrics like ceramic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors. Instead, the dielectric is replaced by an electrical double layer formed at the interface between a solid (electrode) and a liquid (electrolyte). The capacity is proportional to the electrical double layer formed at the interface. Therefore, the electrode can achieve large capacity by using large activated carbon with a specific surface area. The basic construction is the construction of opposite positive and negative electrodes filled with electrolytes. Ultracapacitors charge and discharge by the adsorption of ions from the electrolyte to the electrode surface.

A voltage is applied to the opposite electrode so that the electrolyte does not undergo an electrical decomposition, and the ions in the electrolyte are adsorbed on the surface of the electrode, storing charges (electrons and empty holes) in opposition to them. This relative arrangement of ions and electrons/ions and empty holes is called a supercapacitor. The ions are detached from the ultracapacitor by a discharge of stored charge.

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