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Primary Lithium Batteries for Transportation & Logistics

HCB batteries have been widely used in the Transportation & Logistics industry for more than 20 years. The wide temperature range and high pulse performance of HCB batteries provide effective power support for long-life GPS, cold chain, asset tracking and other transportation and logistics-related applications.

There is rapid growth in self-powered devices that utilize GPS and RFID wireless communication technologies to effectively manage and monitor the movement and status of commercial fleets, cargo shipped by air, land or sea, and other mobile devices. 

In instances where power cannot be generated from a vehicle-borne system, the GPS tracking system is typically powered by a self-contained battery. As one of the primary lithium battery manufacturers, HCB Li-SOCl2/Li-MnO2 cylindrical batteries are ideally suited to meet the power requirements of today’s advanced GPS tracking systems, remote sensors, and communications technologies. 

For GPS asset and container tracking applications, HCB primary bobbin/Spiral type LiSOCl2 batteries deliver an ideal combination of performance features, including high pulse current, low leakage current, wide operating temperature range and long shelf life. High-performance and low-maintenance – our batteries need no maintenance for 5-10 years – our long-life batteries can operate at temperatures as low as -55°C, and boast a low total cost of ownership.

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