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HCB Battery Co., Ltd.
HCB Battery Co., Ltd.

Primary Lithium Battery

Our company's products are mainly divided into four categories: LI-SOCI2 cylindrical batteries, Li-mno2 cylindrical batteries. Li-mno2 soft batteries and Ultra pulse capacitors.

Our company adheres to the development philosophy of satisfying customers' demands, achieving our value, and continuous products improvement. Our products have been widely recognized in domestic and overseas markets!

HCB Battery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of primary lithium batteries in China, specializing in R & D, Manufacturing Lithium primary batteries, and providing customers with power solutions and other quality services. The main product range includes lithium-thionyl Chloride Column Batteries, Column Li-MnO2 primary battery, lithium-manganese Dioxide pouch cell batteries, UPC battery capacitors . Since its establishment, the company has served more than 1000 enterprises, products are widely used in intelligent meters, ETC intelligent transportation, security warning systems, intelligent monitoring systems, smart homes, shared bicycles, medical equipment, marine equipment, military and national defense, and other fields.

Advantages of Primary Lithium Battery Products

Advantages of Primary Lithium Battery Products


Manufacturers with a full range of products including Li-SOCl2 Cylindrical Batteries, Li-MnO2 Cylindrical Batteries, Li-MnO2 Pouch Cells, Ultra Pulse Capacitors, etc.


Unique Coating technology for Li-MnO2 battery.


Higher consistency of electrical performance.


High current discharge performance is better (battery discharge rate is higher).


The design of product size is more flexible.


What is Primary Lithium Battery

Primary Lithium battery is a kind of high-energy chemical primary battery, commonly known as a lithium battery. Lithium metal as a negative electrode, solid salts or salts dissolved in organic solvents as electrolytes, metal oxides, or other solid and liquid oxidants as positive active materials. According to whether the battery can be recharged here, the battery can be divided into the primary battery (non-rechargeable battery, I. E. Primary Battery) and secondary battery (rechargeable battery, secondary battery).

What is Primary Lithium Battery

FAQs of Primary Lithium Battery

Q What is the Difference Between a Primary Battery and a Secondary Battery?


A primary battery is a portable voltaic cell that is not rechargeable. A secondary battery is a portable voltaic cell that is rechargeable.

Q How Do I Choose a Primary Lithium Battery?


Factors to be considered while choosing a primary lithium Battery.

Q Can I Recharge Your Batteries?


Please never try to recharge our ER/CR/DX series lithium batteries, it may cause serious safety problem.

Q What Primary Lithium Battery Can You Buy from HCB Battery?


Li-SCIO2 Battery, LiMno2 Battery, Li-MnO2 Pouch Cells, Ultra-Thin Cell

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