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Analysis of Different Structures of Lithium Manganese Batteries

Lithium Manganese Battery electrochemical systems can be designed and constructed in different ways to meet the various requirements of small, lightweight mobile power sources for different applications. This type of battery can take on multiple structural forms, including coin-shaped, carbon bundled, wound, and square battery components.

I. Coin-shaped Lithium Manganese Batteries

The negative electrode of a Li-MnO2 cell is a lithium disc and the positive electrode is made of manganese dioxide plates. The non-woven polypropylene membrane in the middle is soaked in the electrolyte. The battery is sealed with a crimp seal. The shell of the Li MnO2 cell serves as the positive terminal and the cover is used as the negative terminal. This type of coin-shaped battery has a life span of up to 3 years.

Discharge reaction of the battery:

Negative electrode reaction: Li → Li+ + e-;

Positive electrode reaction: Mn+4O2+ Li+ +e-→ Mn+3O2(Li+);

Overall discharge reaction: Mn+4O2+ Li → Mn+3O2(Li+);

The open-circuit voltage of a lithium manganese battery is approximately 3V, and its discharge voltage is stable, which is a characteristic of this type of battery.

(I) The main performance of the battery

1. Energy density

The voltage of a lithium manganese battery is as high as 3V, which is twice that of a regular battery. This means that it can save power space and reduce weight for electronic equipment.

2. Discharge performance

It maintains a stable operating voltage even after prolonged use, greatly improving the reliability of electronic equipment and making it essentially maintenance-free (basic battery replacement unnecessary).

3. Temperature characteristics

The use of high-quality, conductive organic electrolyte solution allows the battery to operate normally in a temperature range of -20℃ to 60℃. With special processes and formulas of lithium manganese dioxide battery suppliers, it can also meet the temperature requirements of -40℃ to 80℃.

4. Leak-proof performance

A reliable sealing structure and the use of high-quality electrolytes and positive and negative active materials make the battery highly resistant to leakage.

5. Working characteristics

Due to the interaction between organic substances and lithium, a protective film layer is formed on the surface of the lithium negative electrode. This is the fundamental reason why lithium batteries can maintain their performance for a long time. In addition, precise and reliable battery sealing structures and the use of highly stable active materials limit the annual self-discharge rate of the battery to below 2%.

(II) Battery applications

Lithium manganese coin-shaped batteries are widely used in computer motherboards, mobile communications, C-MOS, S-RAM, and electronic memory systems. As supporting power sources, they are used in everyday electronic products such as watches, cameras, telephones, rice cookers, calculators, attendance recorders, electronic notepads, blood glucose testers, ear thermometers, remote controls, and electronic flash products.

II. Cylindrical Carbon Bundled Lithium Manganese Battery (energy type)

The carbon bundling type is one of two cylindrical Li-MnO2 batteries. Due to the use of thick electrodes and maximum amounts of active substances, the battery has the highest specific energy. However, the capacity of this battery is limited because of restrictions on the electrode surface area, making it suitable only for low-current applications. The battery's cover features a safety valve which can release the pressure in the battery in case of mechanical or electrical misuse.

In addition to crimp-sealed batteries, welding-sealed batteries can be made. These batteries have a storage life of 10 years, making them suitable for backup power sources and other low-current applications. This is the energy-type battery, and the model number of the energy-type Li-MnO2 battery is followed by "SE." For example: CR14335SE. Those without "SE" are power-type batteries.

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