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Structure, Performance and Functionality of Lithium Manganese Batteries

1. The structure and physical properties of lithium manganese battery

The lithium dioxide manganese battery uses manganese dioxide as the positive active material, lithium metal as the negative active material with high potential and high specific energy, and an excellent conducting organic electrolyte as the electrolyte. The battery is of a semi-sealed structure.

The discharge response of the battery is negative response: Li → Li+ + e; positive response: Mn+4O2+Li+ + e- → Mn+3O2(Li+); total discharge response: Mn+4O2+Li → Mn+3O2(Li+).

The open-circuit voltage of the lithium manganese battery is about 3V.

2. The important functions of lithium manganese battery

1. The voltage of high voltage and high energy density lithium manganate oxide battery can reach more than 3V, which is twice that of ordinary batteries. This means saving space and weight for electrical appliances.

2. Excellent discharge function. Even after long-term discharge, it still maintains a stable operating voltage, which greatly improves the reliability of electrical appliances and achieves maintenance-free (no need to replace batteries).

3. The manganese dioxide primary lithium battery uses organic electrolyte solution with excellent temperature characteristics and good conductivity to normal work within the temperature range of -20℃ to 60℃. Through special process and formula, the battery can also meet the working temperature requirements of -40℃ to 80℃.

4. As for the excellent anti-leakage function, the reliable sealing structure, high-quality electrolyte, positive and negative active materials are selected to make lithium manganese batteries have excellent anti-leakage function.

5. Long service life features the impact on organic matter and lithium, the maintenance film layer on the cathode surface of lithium is the same source that enables lithium batteries to maintain their functions for a long period of time, combined with high accuracy, strong battery sealing structure and safe use of active materials, and the battery’s self-discharge capability can control below 2% per year.

Lithium manganese batteries are widely used in computer hosts, mobile communications, C-MOS, S-RAM, and electronic storage systems. As a supporting power source, Li MnO2 primary battery is widely used in daily electronic products such as watches, cameras, telephones, rice cookers, calculators, timers, electronic notepads, blood glucose meters, ear thermometers, remote controls, and electronic lamps.

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