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Pouch cell advantages and industry applications

Pouch Cell Advantages 

With the rise of various intelligent "black technologies" in the Internet of Things, long-life, maintenance-free lithium primary batteries have also entered the public's field of vision. At present, there are four main forms of mainstream lithium primary batteries (also known as non-rechargeable lithium batteries): cylindrical, square, button and ultra-thin flexible packaging. The soft-pack battery uses aluminum-plastic composite film as the shell, and the internal structure design can provide good current output capacity for applications with high pulse requirements, and the high-capacity characteristics also greatly improve the service life of the equipment. In addition, the wide application temperature zone (-40 ℃-80 ℃), the entire life period does not require charging and maintenance and other advantages, making flexible packaging batteries favored by customers in various industries.

Industries where HCB pouch cells are used

Lithium manganese flexible pouch cell adopts winding positive and negative electrode processing technology. Compared with the traditional button lithium battery, its positive and negative electrode contact area is larger, and the pulse current and power consumption that the battery can provide are also larger. It is especially suitable for the application mode that requires pulse signal transmission, and the maximum pulse current that can be supported can reach 5A. In the application of the Internet of Things, it has good adaptability to many fields such as electronic price tags, highway CPC cards, 2.4G and 5.8G active electronic tags, personnel positioning, material tracking, wearable devices, smart homes, asset positioning, etc.

HCB pouch cell typically use the following equipment:

IoT Sensor, Bluetooth positioning, electronic price tags, cameras, GPS positioning, logistics traceability, seedling thermometers and so on.

HCB Pouch Cell Advantages

(1)Advanced fully automatic manufacturing equipment

HCB pouch cell has advanced 100% fully automated production lines, which realizes precise control of the weight of battery active material, thus ensuring the consistency of battery capacity and performance.

(2)Special environmental application pouch cell

Low-temperature applications: The unique positive electrode formula and positive electrode technology of HCB ensure excellent discharging performance of HCB batteries in cold environments. Even under extreme cold conditions of -40°C in North America, it can fully meet customer application requirements.

High-temperature application: HCB high-temperature pouch cell are equipped with a unique formula of high-temperature electrolytes and high-temperature closed-cell separators. They have been utilized in the demanding field of high-speed highway toll gate card applications that require high-temperature resistance.

(3)Exclusive patent

HCB has 30+ authorized patents related to lithium manganese pouch cell.

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