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The Background of the Development of Supercapacitors

Supercapacitors, also known as electrochemical capacitors, are a new type of energy storage element developed in the 1970s and 1980s between conventional capacitors and chemical batteries. It has the same discharge power as traditional capacitors, and also has the ability to store charges in chemical batteries. It has the advantages of high power density, short charge and discharge time, long cycle life, and wide operating temperature range. It can be widely used in rail transit, consumer electronics, etc., large cranes, solar and wind energy, national defense and other fields.

1. Development of supercapacitors

Since its appearance, supercapacitors have been widely concerned by countries all over the world. Whether it is scientific research or industrial research, it has become a new bright spot in the field of chemical power sources.

The development time of supercapacitors is short and fast, and the level of enterprises engaged in the supercapacitor industry is uneven. As a new energy storage device, the healthy development of supercapacitors is inseparable from industry and market supervision. Formulating practical industry standards, national standards and even international standards is a necessary means to promote the healthy development of the industry.

The good news is that the new standards of the supercapacitor industry have been valued by the state. Since 2016, the supercapacitor standard working group of the China Electricity Standardization Association has organized a number of industry standard review meetings, standardized some supercapacitor and raw material industry standards, and is constantly improving.

The development trend of supercapacitors is that social demand drives industrial development. With the development of the electronics industry, electronic equipment has higher and higher requirements for power supplies, such as high capacity and portability. These demands drive the development of new power supplies. Due to their advantages, supercapacitors developed rapidly.

In addition, with the world's energy crisis and the increasing awareness of human environmental protection, human beings seek various ways to obtain clean energy. The rapid development of new energy and the wide application of energy-saving technologies make supercapacitors more and more widely used.

2. Application of supercapacitor

As a new type of green energy storage device, supercapacitors have already occupied a place in industrial production and are growing with the development of new energy, electronic industry, mechanical equipment and instruments.

In order to expand the application field of supercapacitors, in addition to closely carrying out upstream and downstream cooperative research, improving the performance of monomers and group modules and reducing costs are the next development goals. Electrode materials, electrolytes, and group module management systems will be the focus of future research.

In addition, the formulation of practical industry standards, national standards and even international standards is the guarantee for promoting the healthy development of the supercapacitor industry.

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