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What Are the Application Areas of Li Socl2 Battery?

Li socl2 battery is the battery with the highest specific energy in the practical application battery series, the specific energy can reach 590W·h/kg and 1100 (watt-hour per cubic decimeter). This highest specific energy value was obtained from a large-capacity, low-discharge-rate, large-size battery.

1. Basic introduction of li socl2 battery

The rated voltage of li socl2 battery is 3.6V, and the working voltage varies with the load, generally between 3.0V and 3.6V, which is the highest among all single batteries at present. The mass specific energy of the battery is as high as 500WH/Kg, and the volume specific energy is as high as 1000WH/L, which is the highest in the current battery.

According to its use, it can be divided into three types: capacity type, power type and high temperature type.

Lithium thionyl chloride batteries are especially suitable for long-term discharge use, the load voltage is extremely stable, and more than 90% of the capacity can be released on a high platform with almost constant voltage.

Lithium thionyl chloride batteries can be used in extremely harsh environments, conventional batteries can be used in an environment of -55°C ~ +85°C, and special batteries can be used in an environment up to 150°C; The discharge rate is less than 1%, and the storage period can reach 15 years under the environment below 35℃.

2. The main use of li socl2 battery

Li socl2 battery can be used in various fields, mainly used in smart card meters (water, electricity, gas meters), computer support power supplies, medical equipment, wireless communications, oil drilling, portable communication equipment, scientific research instruments, remote control data acquisition systems, Military applications and other electrical equipment, etc.

3. The main characteristics of li socl2 battery

Stable high working voltage platform, high volume specific energy/high quality ratio, low energy self-discharge rate, up to 15 years storage life (under 20 ℃ environment, the annual self-discharge rate is less than 1%); all stainless steel outer body, Metal glass sealing structure, non-flammable inorganic electrolyte, wide temperature application range -55 ~ +85 ℃.

4. The storage of li socl2 battery

Store in a clean, dry and cool environment, the maximum temperature should not exceed 30 ℃.

5. Safety precautions for li socl2 battery

It is strictly forbidden to short-circuit and charge; it is strictly forbidden for users to combine batteries by themselves; it is strictly forbidden to over-discharge, squeeze, incinerate or disassemble; it is strictly forbidden to use or heat outside the allowable temperature range; Do not solder on the positive and negative terminals of the battery at will, and the soldering on the lead-out sheet should be completed within 5 seconds; after the battery is discharged to the termination voltage, it is strictly forbidden to continue to use it.


Do not use batteries with broken outer packaging; do not combine different types of batteries; do not combine new and old batteries; do not directly weld on the battery case; do not attempt to charge the battery; the battery cannot be heated, burned or violently hit.

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