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Three workers in the enclosed workshop are wearing thick electrostatic protective clothing, managing multiple high-speed automatic lithium battery production lines through electronic screens.

Only 4 seconds apart, there is a battery in a new suit which is grabbed by the robot to the finished product area.

HCB Lithium Battery was established 17 years and always focuses on one thing: in order to produce safer and more durable primary lithium batteries!

Only takes 4 seconds for a battery to be born

"The temperature, humidity, and air pressure are all normal, and the fresh air system is normal..."

In the afternoon of August 20, in the 4-story factory building, the workshop director was checking the humidity and temperature of each workshop through the electronic screen.

"The moisture in the air has a great impact on the quality of the battery. We must ensure that it is put into production in a 24-hour dry and positive pressure production environment." The workshop supervisor explained to the reporter.

HCB Power

The reporter saw through the glass window, and there are only three workers in the workshop, managing multiple high-speed automatic lithium battery production lines through electronic screens.

The semi-finished steel shell negative electrodes were picked up by the manipulator and placed on the assembly line belt, transported to the side and bottom film machine, cut off the separator, laser welding, outer packaging...In only 4 seconds, a new lithium li-SOCl2 battery was born.

Leading the layout of lithium primary batteries for 17 years

Smart water meters, smart homes, smart transportation, smart security, smart door locks...In the era of the 5G Internet of Things, these new things have become our necessities.

For example, the NB-IoT module on a smart meter requires multiple small lithium batteries to supply power. Through a low-power design, there is no need to replace the battery for several years or even 10 years, so a long-life, maintenance-free, and highly reliable primary lithium battery must be the first choice.

HCB Technology

Chen Ming, the company's R&D engineer, said that although the production technology of lithium primary batteries has matured, the most difficult thing is still basic research, a deeper study of core materials and processes.

At present, most of the key technologies of battery materials are still in the hands of a few western developed countries.


Relying on the "foresight" of the market and the spirit of perseverance, HCB Batteries has concentrated on R&D and production of lithium primary batteries since its establishment in 2004.

Over the past 17 years, it has broken through a number of "bottleneck" technologies and became the leading manufacturer of lithium primary batteries in China.

Since its establishment, the company has served more than 1,000 companies, covering more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

Customized "Slimming" battery for Polaroid cameras

In 2007, the American Polaroid Camera Company proposed that it hoped that the battery supplier could customize a thin and light battery for it.

In order to achieve their design requirements for a more exquisite, fashionable and lighter appearance of the Polaroid camera,

It took only half a year for the HCB lithium battery research and development team to develop and design a card-type pouch cell for it. 

Since then, the customer and the company have signed an exclusive supply contract and become a long-term strategic partnership.

HCB Customized Battery For Polaroid Cameras

HCB batteries pay attention to the protection of independent intellectual property rights, and nearly 20 patents have been applied for and authorized for thin flexible packaging lithium batteries. So far, HCB batteries have provided more than 40 million soft pack batteries for Polaroid, and no safety accident has occurred.

The batteries are getting thinner and thinner, and the orders are getting thicker and thicker. 

This pouch cell with a thickness of only 0.4 mm was recently customized by us for a foreign customer. 

The person in charge of the company's R&D showed the reporter a 2*3 cm thin Li-MnO2 pouch cell.

HCB Factory

For a long time in the past, customers only approved standardized cylindrical batteries, however, as product designs become lighter, thinner, and more portable, the market's demand for batteries tends to be "slim" and high energy density.

HCB Chinese and foreign R&D teams have overcome difficulties. The new generation of lithium primary batteries customized for customers such as "paper chip", "chewing gum" and "silver bullet" have won the favor of overseas customers.

"We expanded the production line for the second time, and the production scale reached 130,000 pieces per day, which is still in short supply," said Xiao Song, the sales manager.

Become the leading primary lithium battery manufacturers in China, thanks to the great help of the government.

At the beginning of 2020, due to the epidemic, the company’s foreign technical experts and quality expert teams were unable to come to Wuhan to work as scheduled.

The company’s new product research and development progress has been seriously affected. After learning about it, the Changqing Street Sub-district Office immediately gave feedback to the relevant district departments, coordinated together, and asked the superior management department for instructions.

In the end, foreign experts were successfully approved to enter the country. After strict epidemic prevention and isolation measures, they safely arrived at HCB to start work, and the research and development of new products proceeded smoothly.

HCB Workshop

Talent is the lifeblood of an enterprise.

To recruit and retain talents, talents must have a sense of belonging.

"As long as we know that HCB batteries need to recruit high-quality talents, the street office will come to the door as soon as possible.

Solve the problems of temporary residence permits, household registration, and children's enrollment in time for new employees, so that they can feel the warmth of the new family. "The relevant person in charge of the Changqing Street Sub-district Office said.

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