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Can Lithium Manganese Batteries Be Charged?

In recent years, the development of electronic products is extremely rapid, and its products are diversified and its application fields are becoming wider and wider. Lithium-manganese batteries have high energy density requirements, and can be reliable and safe for a long time and work normally under a wide range of conditions. small power supply. Lithium-manganese batteries have the above excellent characteristics in many battery varieties, and are fully capable of meeting the diverse needs of small-scale electric energy. Today we will talk to you about lithium-manganese batteries.

1. Can lithium-manganese batteries be charged?

There are two types of lithium-manganese batteries: rechargeable and non-rechargeable. Rechargeable lithium-manganese batteries are also called lithium manganate batteries. The output voltage is nominally 3.7V, and the service life is short and difficult to store. Rechargeable lithium-manganese batteries and nickel-cobalt-manganese ternary batteries.

Ⅱ. The reason why the lithium-manganese battery cannot be charged, let's take a look together

1. Charging characteristics of lithium-manganese batteries: If an external charger is used to charge a disposable lithium battery, a reverse reaction of the discharge reaction will occur inside the battery, which will decompose MnOOLi and regenerate Li and MnO2, and the battery voltage will also rise accordingly.

2. The danger of charging lithium-manganese batteries: The appearance of commercially available lithium-manganese batteries is marked with the words "no charging", emphasizing that such manganese dioxide primary lithium battery is not rechargeable.

①Lithium-manganese batteries use organic solvents with low boiling points during production, and the flash point temperature of organic solvents of ethylene glycol dimethyl ether is relatively low. Alcohol dimethyl ether volatilizes from the battery. If it encounters electric sparks or sparks from smoking, it may cause combustion and cause danger.

② During the charging process of a lithium-manganese battery, the reaction inside the battery will generate Li, which is an irregular crystal with a shape similar to a tree branch, called a dendrite. If the dendrites pierce the separator during the growth process and cause an internal short circuit in the Li MnO2 cell, accidents such as combustion and explosion may occur.

The above is the basic knowledge of lithium-manganese batteries and whether lithium-manganese batteries can be charged. Lithium-manganese batteries have been widely used in the civilian product market due to their excellent performance and low price, and are currently one of the most mature series of lithium batteries.

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