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Will Large-scale Recycling of Lithium Batteries Become a Problem for the Industry?

Lithium battery is a kind of widely used battery type, which has the value of recycling and recycling!

1. Recycling of lithium batteries

At present, there are two recycling methods for batteries: one is cascade utilization, and the other is used as raw material for lithium batteries after dismantling.

In terms of incentive measures, the state will provide support for the technological research and development and equipment import of cascade utilization enterprises and recycling enterprises, and continuously improve the technical level, save resources and protect the environment.

In terms of technology research and development, the state supports the research and development of power battery-related recycling technologies and equipment; international cooperation encourages international exchanges and cooperation in the field of lithium batteries, supports the joint formulation and coordination of national standards, and supports the construction of high-level demonstration projects.

A major breakthrough has been made in the recycling technology of used lithium-ion batteries, but the cost is high, the operation is complicated, and it will also cause secondary pollution. The most commonly used is salt water discharge. The lithium battery is shredded and smashed to separate each group of lithium batteries, and the lithium battery separator and copper and aluminum particles are recycled and reprocessed.

2. Attempts to recycle lithium batteries

Due to the complexity of battery technology, the variety of series and parallel forms, service and use time, application models and use conditions. Therefore, with the current low level of automation, most of the processes need to be done manually, and the required skill level of workers may affect the yield in the battery recycling process.

In the process of manual disassembly, battery short-circuit and leakage may lead to the urgent need to scrap the lithium battery pack from storage. The introduction of intelligent production line equipment in the whole process, from storage, disassembly of the battery pack to cascade utilization or recycling, carries out the full life cycle Source management.

The cascade utilization and recycling of power lithium-ion batteries is an inevitable problem and a field with huge economic potential. Battery companies, automobile companies and recycling companies have launched different forms of operation models through different degrees of combination. This is a beneficial attempt to recycle power lithium-ion batteries!

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