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What Are the Technological Processes of Li Socl2 Battery Production Line?

The production process of Li socl2 lithium battery pack is relatively complicated. Pack is the key to the production, design and application of lithium battery system. It is the core link between upstream cell production and downstream applications. Usually, the design requirements are proposed by the battery cell factory or the demand-side manufacturer, usually by the battery factory, demand manufacturers or third-party Pack factories to complete, what are the technological processes of the lithium battery Pack production line?

Ⅰ. Process flow of Li socl2 lithium battery pack production line

1. Sorting and grouping process;

2. Automatic welding process;

3. Semi-finished product assembly process;

4. Aging test process;

5. PACK detection process;

6. PACK packaging process;

Ⅱ. Composition of Li socl2 lithium battery pack;

Pack includes battery pack, bus bar, flexible connection, protection board, outer packaging, output (including connector), highland barley paper, plastic bracket and other auxiliary materials to form a Pack.

Lithium battery pack means packaging, packaging and assembly, and its processes are divided into three parts: processing, assembly and packaging. PACK is a single component. The PACK production line generally only needs to undertake two functions: transmission and detection. At present, manufacturers generally use semi-automatic PACK assembly lines, which are mainly used for PACK on-line, off-line, testing, in-plant transmission and packaging.

The Li socl2 lithium battery pack production line is relatively simple. The core processes include feeding, bracket pasting, electric welding, testing and other processes. The core equipment is laser welding machine and various pasting testing equipment. At present, the major lithium battery equipment manufacturers have less automation integration layout in this field, and some laser equipment manufacturers have a high share in the field of pack equipment due to their absolute advantages in the laser field.

Ⅲ. The characteristics of Li socl2 lithium battery PACK

1. The battery pack PACK requires lithium batteries to have a high degree of consistency.

2. The cycle life of the Li socl2 battery pack PACK is lower than that of a single battery.

3. Use under limited conditions (including charging, discharging current, charging method, temperature, etc.)

4. After the lithium battery pack is formed, the battery voltage and capacity have been greatly improved, and it must be protected. Charge balance, temperature, voltage and overcurrent monitoring are carried out.

5. The Li socl2 lithium battery PACK must meet the voltage and capacity requirements required by the design.

Lithium battery PACK is realized in two ways, one is through laser welding or ultrasonic welding or pulse welding, which is a commonly used welding method. The advantage is that the reliability is good, but it is not easy to replace. The second is to contact through elastic metal sheets. The advantage is that no welding is required, and the battery is easy to replace. The disadvantage is that it may lead to poor contact.

In the entire process from lithium battery cells to automated modules to battery PACK production lines, the degree of automation of the assembly line is a key factor determining product quality and production efficiency. Due to the non-uniform battery PACK standards, the automated manufacturing in the PACK link is almost blank. In order to further improve production efficiency and reduce costs, it is necessary to vigorously promote the application of lithium battery automated production equipment.

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