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The Specific Effect of Super Capacitor Installed on the Car

With the widespread popularity of supercapacitors, there are practitioners in the circle of car enthusiasts, who have begun to refit their cars with supercapacitors, that is, replacing the car's battery with a supercapacitor, and many people are still waiting to install it. The final effect, after all, modification still takes time and effort, and I am afraid that it will be thankless. This article is based on the test results of car owners who have installed super capacitors, and provides them for your reference.

1. Super capacitor for fuel consumption

This is a point that everyone is most concerned about. After all, most of the reasons why many car owners modify their cars to install super capacitors are to reduce fuel consumption. Unfortunately, according to the test results of many car owners, there is no difference in fuel consumption. Significant increase and decrease performance, basically maintain the previous fuel consumption.

2. Another aspect of super capacitor startup

Compared with the effect of using the battery before, there is an obvious small improvement, especially the older the car, the greater the improvement. The loss of the traditional battery is faster than that of the supercapacitor, so the change of installing a super capacitor on a new car is not obvious, but Installing a super capacitor on a car with an aging battery will improve obviously. Basically, the car can be started when it is started. In terms of temperature, the super capacitor can be used normally at a temperature of -20°C to 70°C. The temperature of the battery may be low. It is difficult to use normally.

3. Supercapacitors in acceleration

Compared with the previous ones, there is an obvious sense of optimization, basically no delay feeling, and the sensitivity has increased, but the change is not high, but the power has been significantly improved. In addition to the above power considerations, another reason to buy a super capacitor is to help start.

The reason for the difficulty in starting in winter is that the engine resistance is high, and the battery discharge capacity is worse because of the low temperature. With the addition of a supercapacitor, the discharge capacity at this time comes from the supercapacitor first, and the starter voltage will not drop, so it is very easy to start. Not to mention in normal times, the key can be let go in less than 1 second after twisting.

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