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What Electronic Devices Can Be Powered by a Supercapacitor Backup?

The advantages of using the supercapacitor

Supercapacitor has attracted wide attention since their inception due to their numerous advantages and have been successfully applied in many fields, such as serving as backup power for electronic products such as memory, computers, and timers; used as the main power source for electric toy cars, starter power for internal combustion engines, auxiliary power for solar cells, and even applied in aerospace and other fields.

Supercapacitor has high energy storage capacity, long cycle life, and light weight, which can be used as backup power sources for storage devices, microcomputers, system motherboards, and clocks. Ultra super capacitor can be fully charged in a short period of time and can provide relatively high energy. When the primary power supply is interrupted or the system voltage drops due to poor contact, etc., the ultra super capacitor can act as a backup power source, thereby avoiding the impact caused by sudden power failure to the instrument.

The role of ultra super capacitor

Supercapacitor can replace batteries as power sources for small electrical appliances. Supercapacitor can be used as power sources for electric toys, digital clocks, cameras, recorders, portable camcorders and other devices. Moreover, the long cycle life of the ultra super capacitor is more cost-effective than using batteries as power sources.

Supercapacitor can also be used in conjunction with batteries, which can not only take advantage of the large capacity and long-term power supply of batteries, but also eliminate the disadvantage of not being able to discharge large currents due to the large internal resistance of batteries.

An ultra super capacitor suitable for use in laptops has been developed, which improves the efficiency of the computer by two times in low temperatures, and even if the battery is removed, it can be used continuously for 5 minutes.

Supercapacitor is suitable for high-power and large-pulse power supplies, especially for portable devices using wireless technology, such as portable computers, and handheld devices using GSM and GPRS wireless communications.

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