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Are you acquainted with the commonly used lithium primary battery models in the asset tracking industry?

The Background of Asset Tracking

In today's world of advancing Internet of Things (IoT) technology, asset tracking and remote monitoring are bolstered by IoT, ensuring seamless operations and serving as a continual driving force for asset management. The tracking of devices and their transportation represents an ever-evolving and critical application. Industries can promptly monitor crucial assets and data through the use of wireless communication modules and dependable tracking devices, simplifying the process and enhancing efficiency. Asset tracking finds common applications in various sectors, such as monitoring construction equipment, optimizing production lines in manufacturing, overseeing medical devices, managing warehouse logistics and shipping routes, and protecting valuable equipment from loss and theft to improve utilization. Traditional asset tracking methods often result in significant manual costs, while isolated systems lack precise tracking capabilities. Nevertheless, with the integration of wireless technology, big data, and cloud computing, automated asset tracking becomes achievable.

Applications in Asset Tracking Industry

(1) Transportation: Vehicle (GPS positioning), Containers (location tracking), Cold Chain (temperature monitoring of cargo), Fresh Food, Fleet Transportation

(2) Real-time Location Systems (RTLS), Bluetooth beacons, Personnel tracking, Cargo and Parcel tracking

(3) Livestock Industry: Animal tracking and monitoring

(4) Valuables: Documents, Artifacts, Fine Wines, and other precious items

Battery Usage in Asset Tracking Applications 

In the wide variety of industries involved in asset tracking, navigating the complex outdoor environments presents a continuous challenge. It has become increasingly demanding to ensure the security and maintenance of devices in these settings, prompting the need for compact hardware for easy concealment and support for long-distance transportation, among other specific requirements. To address these needs, advanced wireless communication products with low power consumption and small form factors primarily employ single Li-SOCl2, Li-MnO2, or Li-SOCl2 combined with capacitors.

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