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The advantages of LiMnO2 pouch cell in the Asset Tracking Industry

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the asset tracking industry, the choice of power source plays a vital role in determining the performance, reliability, and lifespan of tracking devices. One battery technology that has emerged as a frontrunner is the Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Li-MnO2) pouch cell. There are several compelling reasons for this preference over other battery technologies.

High Energy Density:

The high energy density of Li-MnO2 batteries allow more energy in a relatively narrow space. This becomes particularly critical for asset tracking devices, which often require compact and lightweight power sources without compromising battery capacity or performance.

Extended Lifespan:

Li-MnO2 batteries are celebrated for their longevity. They often outperform other battery technologies when it comes to lifespan, making them a particularly attractive choice for asset tracking. The extended operational life reduces the need for frequent battery replacement, enhancing the convenience and cost-effectiveness of asset tracking devices.

Wide Operating Temperature Range: 

Asset tracking applications can expose devices to a wide range of environmental conditions. Li-MnO2 batteries excel here, too, offering a wide operating temperature range. This ensures the reliable functioning of tracking devices even in varied and challenging climates.

Safety Features:

The safety profile of Li-MnO2 batteries is another asset. Compared to other lithium-based batteries, they pose a lower risk of leakage or explosion, making them a safer choice for asset tracking devices.

Remaining Capacity Monitoring:

Uniquely, the gradually declining voltage plateau of Li-MnO2 batteries during their discharge cycle can be utilized as a remaining capacity monitoring signal. This means that as the battery discharges, the gradual decrease in voltage can be used to estimate the remaining battery capacity. For asset tracking applications, this feature can provide valuable information for maintenance planning and help prevent unexpected power loss.

Ultra-Thin Design: 

Li-MnO2 pouch cells are available in ultra-thin designs. Their slim form factor allows them to be integrated into compact devices without adding significant bulk or weight. This is a crucial benefit in the asset tracking industry, where devices need to be as unobtrusive as possible.

With an ultra-thin design, these batteries can be easily accommodated in various types of tracking devices, from those used for small parcels to larger equipment. This flexibility broadens the range of applications for which they can be used, making them an attractive and versatile power solution in the asset tracking industry.

Compliance with Aviation Regulations:

Li-MnO2 batteries comply with aviation regulations for air transport when installed in a device. This is particularly valuable in the asset tracking industry, where devices often need to be transported by air. These batteries can record data during transit without violating aviation safety regulations, providing uninterrupted tracking information.

In summary, the combination of high energy density, longevity, broad operating temperature range, safety, ability to monitor remaining capacity, ultra-thin design, and compliance with aviation regulations makes Li-MnO2 batteries an excellent choice in the asset tracking industry. Their slim form factor and compliance with aviation regulations add crucial versatility, allowing these batteries to be seamlessly integrated into devices of various sizes and transported safely by air. While the choice of battery technology will always depend on specific application requirements, Li-MnO2 pouch cells are undeniably a strong contender in the asset tracking sphere.

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