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What is a Lithium Primary Battery?

1. The structure of lithium primary battery

There are two types of nominal voltages of lithium primary batteries: 1.5V and 3.0V. Lithium primary batteries have various structures such as button-type, roll-type cylindrical and rectangular. Lithium primary batteries have the advantages of high specific energy, long life, and resistance to leakage, but they are less safe. Mainly used in small electrical appliances such as cameras and calculators. The common structural forms of lithium batteries are cylindrical carbon pack type, square lamination type, cylindrical lamination type, cylindrical winding type, square winding type, etc.

Lithium-manganese dioxide battery is the most commonly used lithium primary battery, and the structure of button-type lithium battery is similar to that of button-type zinc-silver oxide battery.

At present, lithium batteries that can be commercially produced include: lithium iodine battery (Li/I2), lithium manganese dioxide battery (Li/MnO2), lithium copper oxide battery (Li/CuO), lithium polycarbon fluoride battery (Li/ (CF)n), lithium thionyl chloride battery (Li/SOCl2), lithium sulfur dioxide battery (Li/SO2), etc.

2. What is the difference between a lithium primary battery and a lithium secondary battery?

Lithium-ion secondary battery. The lithium ion secondary battery generally includes an electrode assembly, a container accommodating the electrode assembly, and an electrolyte. The electrode assembly includes two electrodes of opposite polarities and a separator. The separator includes a porous membrane containing clusters of ceramic particles. The porous membrane is formed by binding particle clusters with a binder. A lithium primary battery is a high-energy chemical primary battery. Commonly known as lithium battery. Metal lithium is used as the negative electrode, solid salts or salts dissolved in organic solvents are used as the electrolyte, and metal oxides or other solid and liquid oxidants are used as the positive electrode active material. General-purpose circular lithium manganese dioxide (Li/MnO2) batteries and lithium carbon fluoride [Li/(CFx)n] batteries are represented by the letters CR and BR, respectively, followed by the numbers representing the battery type.

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