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HCB Batteries Model in Asset Tracking.

HCB Batteries Model in Asset Tracking

1. Application of HCB Batteries in the Asset Tracking Industry:

HCB batteries are applied in a range of devices within the asset tracking industry, such as Bluetooth beacons, GPS, seedling monitoring, cold chain management, fresh food tracking, logistics parcel tracing, and livestock tracking and positioning.

HCB batteries used in the asset tracking industry include LiSOCl2 cylindrical batteries, LiMnO2 cylindrical batteries, LiSOCl2 cylindrical batteries + Ultra capacitors pack, and ultra-thin series LiMnO2 pouch batteries.

2. HCB Batteries Model in Asset Tracking:

LiSOCl2 cylindrical batteries model: ER14250, ER26500, ER34615.

LiSOCl2 cylindrical batteries + Ultra capacitors pack model: ER14250+UPC1520, ER26500+UPC1520, ER34615+UPC1520.

LiMnO2 cylindrical batteries model: CR2-CR15270, CR123A-CR17335, CR17450.

LiMnO2 pouch batteries model: CP223830, CP224147, CP502440, CP603146, CP603742.

3. Advantages of HCB Batteries:

R&D Team: HCB proudly maintains a robust research and development team, featuring both domestic and international experts who collaborate with esteemed academic institutions in China and beyond.

Comprehensive Product Line: As a manufacturer of a full spectrum of battery model, encompassing Li-SOCl2 cylindrical batteries and Li-MnO2 cylindrical batteries (both bobbin and spiral types), Li-MnO2 pouch batteries, and super capacitors, HCB offers customers comprehensive solutions for primary lithium batteries.

Advanced Fully Automated Production Lines: HCB batteries are manufactured using cutting-edge fully automated production lines, ensuring precise control over the weight of active materials, thereby guaranteeing consistent battery capacity and performance.

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