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Analysis of Lithium Battery Recovery and Treatment Technology

Lithium batteries brief description:

Lithium battery is the battery containing lithium in the electrochemical system (including metal lithium, lithium alloy and lithium ion, lithium polymer) . Lithium batteries fall into two broad categories, lithium metal batteries and lithium-ion battery.

Lithium battery configuration:

Lithium-ion batteries usually have two shapes, cylindrical and square, the internal structure of the spiral structure, with a very fine and permeability of polyethylene film insulation material in the positive and negative electrode spacing. The positive electrode comprises a current collector composed of lithium cobalt oxide and aluminum foil. The anode consists of a current collector made of graphitized carbon material and copper foil. The battery is charged with an organic electrolyte solution.

Technical analysis of lithium battery recycling:

  1. The waste lithium primary battery is pretreated, including discharging, disassembling, crushing and sorting, and the plastic and iron casing after disassembling are recovered;

  2. The process technology of waste lithium battery recovery and treatment equipment mainly utilizes mechanical crushing;

  3. Simple dry methods such as vacuum separation, vibration screening, specific gravity separation and gas flow separation can realize the separation and collection of electrode materials, collector metal, plastic separator and battery shell;

  4. the separation and collection process does not introduce any chemical reagent, the whole process is fully automated, at the same time, the electrolyte, dust collection and processing, with high recovery efficiency, green, low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving, easy to industrialize and so on.

How to realize harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization of waste lithium battery is an urgent matter. Recycling lithium battery, disposal and reuse can make full use of waste and turn waste into treasure.

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