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Why are pouch cells used?

Pouch Cell Advantages 

(1)Intrinsically safe

Pouch cell are the safest primary lithium batteries in the same energy level, When extreme safety problems occur in batteries, The battery shell cannot withstand the internal pressure and releases or explodes. The outer casing of pouch cell are the aluminum-plastic film. It’ a soft material with a certain tensile strength. It can absorb a certain internal pressure through deformation without bursting, even under extreme abuse conditions such as short circuit, the aluminum-plastic film will Bleed to release pressure, and its soft material will not cause damage to nearby objects or people like steel shell fragments.


The size of the battery no longer restricts your imagination in product design, and the design can be customized according to the structure of the product.

(3)Space utilization rate

Compared with cylindrical batteries or coin cell, the square structure of pouch cell can maximize the use of the battery compartment. Without the need for customers to change the product appearance

design, choosing pouch cell can gain an additional 30% capacity, it’s equivalent to 2-5 years lifespan.

(4)Lightweight design

High energy density brings lightweight characteristics, meets the requirements of modern electronic equipment for portability and beautiful appearance, and is suitable for various applications of the 

Internet of Things.


The 10-year+ product reliability certification allows pouch cell to have the same reliability and ultra-long life as industrial-grade fully sealed lithium-manganese batteries. The longer service life reduces 

the total cost of product ownership, and average annual usage cost, also eliminating the cost of product maintenance and replacement.

Lithium Manganese Flexible Packaging Battery

1 It is as high as 2.5~3.0V, and one battery can replace 2 dry batteries;

2 The energy density is as high as 450Wh/kg. Under the same weight, the capacity is more than 50% higher than that of steel-shell lithium batteries, which meets the lightweight requirements of modern electronic products.

3 It has good environmental adaptability and can be used at -40~80 ℃;

4 The annual self-discharge rate does not exceed 1.5%, with a storage life of up to 10 years;

5 It has good voltage response capability after long-term storage;

6 It has an ultra-thin shape with a thinnest thickness of up to 0.45mm, which is suitable for the light and thin shape requirements of modern electronic products;

7 The overall size, capacity and load performance can be customized according to requirements to fully meet the personalized needs of customers;

8 It is one of the lithium metal batteries with relatively good safety and reliability.

Soft Pack Battery

Lithium manganese flexible pouch cell adopts winding positive and negative electrode processing technology. Compared with the traditional button lithium battery, its positive and negative electrode contact area is larger, and the pulse current and power consumption that the battery can provide are also larger. It is especially suitable for the application mode that requires pulse signal transmission, and the maximum pulse current that can be supported can reach 5A. In the application of the Internet of Things, it has good adaptability to many fields such as electronic price tags, highway CPC cards, 2.4G and 5.8G active electronic tags, personnel positioning, material tracking, wearable devices, smart homes, asset positioning, etc.

HCB Lithium Battery

HCB Lithium Co., Ltd. developed lithium manganese flexible pouch cell in 2007 and achieved mass production in 2008. It is not only the first mass producer of soft packaging batteries in China but also the holder of structural invention patents. By far, the largest manufacturer of soft pack batteries on the market. In 2013, the lithium manganese flexible packaging battery model adapted to the electronic price tag was also the first to achieve mass production by Haocheng, and in 2015, it was supplied to the frozen electronic price tag to solve the problem of insufficient low temperature performance of traditional button batteries.

As a large-scale and relatively advanced lithium manganese flexible packaging battery manufacturer in China, Haocheng Lithium will continue to focus on the research and development of flexible packaging batteries to provide battery solutions that better meet the demand for electricity for various applications of the Internet of Things.

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